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Ugears Bundle 2 in 1 – Tractor with Trailer

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‘Special Offer! by Ugears India : Bundle 2 in 1 Tractor with Trailer

Tractor with Trailer combines all the technical and artistic innovations that builders have come to realize in our other models and takes them a step beyond. Our Tractor is propelled by rubber bands , but otherwise its main mechanism looks and works very much like that of the real steam engine. Little touches like a fully detailed cockpit engineer with a retractable metal ladder, art deco decoration of the boiler and open up doors rubbed with charcoal finish this beautiful reminder of a bygone era. Tractor with Trailer is our complex model to date; Yet thanks to our patented plywood collaborative design and rigorous process engineering and quality control, the fan can complete this model in one sitting. Like all other model Tractor with Trailer comes with step-by-step, full-color, really easy to follow instructions.

The Tractor from UGEARS is a rattling greeting from the past century. No electronics, just plywood, rubber band motor, and tons of fun! The motor has a transmission switch that provides three options: “park,” “drive,” and “sport.” The “drive” mode will get it going slowly, covering about 5 cm per second. Switch the model to “sport” to see your Tractor speeding up ahead!

Every self-respecting tractor should have its own farm trailer. A special lever opens a side of the Trailer’s bed for loading or unloading. It also has everything a farmer needs at hand: a fork, a shovel, and even a broom and a small bucket, hanging underneath the base. Each Trailer is complete with a hook interface, which connects it to the Tractor.



Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2 IN (37*17*3 CM)

Model size after Assembly: 7.9*3.4*5.4 IN (20*9*14 CM)

Model’s Barcode: 4820184120181

Model’s SKU Code: 70003

Number of components: 97

Estimated time for assembly: 2-3 hours

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 + Years

Tractor’s Trailer

Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.2 IN (37*14*3 CM)

Model size after Assembly: 8.2*4*3.8 IN (21*10*10 CM)

Number of components: 68

Model’s Barcode: 4820184120143

Model’s SKU Code: 70006

Estimated time for assembly: 1-2 hours

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 + Years


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