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Tower Windmill

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Ugears “Tower Windmill” Self-Assembly Mechanical Kits For Teens and Adults

The Tower windmill is one of the oldest inventions of mankind. A tower mill is a type of vertical windmill consisting of a brick or stone tower, on which sits a wooden ‘cap’ or roof, which can rotate to bring the sails into the wind. The earliest known instance of using a wind-driven wheel to power a machine goes back to the 1st century Greeks. Windmills in general had been known to civilization for centuries, but the tower mill represented an improvement on traditional western-style windmills.

However, the Tower Windmill from Ugears takes you to post-medieval England.The model is inspired by the Chesterton Windmill, a 17th-century cylindrical stone tower windmill that was built outside the village of Chesterton, Warwickshire county.

It is powered by a removable rubber band motor. It drives the sails by means of a screw conveyor (worm feeder) and gear transmission. The design of the gear transmission includes a flexure link, the type of chain drive assembled out of many small links. The full-fledged chain drive made out of plywood has never been used in Ugears models before.

When spinning rapidly the aerodynamic twist sails create fairly strong wind. It also can work the other way around: blowing air directed at the sails will make them spin. Use a fan to demonstrate to your kids how real windmills operate. The rotation of the windmill sails is mesmerising. You can’t stop watching them turning over and over. The rotation of the windmill sales is mesmerising. You can’t stop watching them turning over and over.

While taking origin from the English prototype, the UGEARS model also addresses the Spanish classic: the Tower Windmill can be completed with the figures of the Ingenious Nobleman Don Quixote and his quirky companion Sancho Panza.


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