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Estimated time of assembly : 1-2 Hours

Model size after Assembly: 8.4*7.4*3 IN (21*19*8 CM)

Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2 IN (37*17*3 CM)

Number of components: 70

Model Barcode: 4820184120174

Model's SKU Code: 70002

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 + Years

Ugears Theater Assembly Instructions Guide      

Ugears Theater – Product Description Download      

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Ugears Theater Mechanical 3D Puzzle Wooden Construction Kit

Ugears “Theater” Model’s Key Features

  • 3D SELF PROPELLED MODEL THEATER – only UGEARS can offer you a unique mechanical 3D Theater, made of plywood. It is absolutely fascinating scene of the true mechanical miracle coming to life in your hands.
  • PERFECT GIFT – UGEARS Theater Model is an original and welcome gift for both – adults and children. Tell the tale for the night and show your child all the heroes who live in your theater, because the fairy tale is in details!
  • ENTERTAINING – It brings unforgettable times of working together on projects that are engaging for people of all ages. Video will give you a quick overview of our model.
  • PRESS-OUT&ASSEMBLE – you do not need glue, hacksaw or battery to put UGEARS models together, which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting.
  • 100% QUALITY – we successfully launched UGEARS project 5 times on KICKSTARTER and feedback from our clients has been incredibly positive. All our customers are completely satisfied, so why don’t you join them

Ugears “Theater” Model’s Description

Theater is an example of very intricate mechanism with an artistic touch to it – and it never seizes to amaze the audiences. Spin the wheel and see the characters pop up on stage: the Prince, the King, the Castle, the Dragon, the Witch, the Jester, the Princess and the Treasure Chest. Kids love to make up their own stories and plays featuring Mechanical Theater characters. This model makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind present to someone you love.

Clueless what to buy your cousin for the holiday season? Want to buy something innovative and educational for your friend’s daughter/son? Gift them the Theater from UGEARS and watch how they have an awesome time with it.

  • Create your mini theater via popular characters and elements like Prince, King, Castle, Dragon, Witch, Jester, Princess and Treasure Chest that follow each other on the stage.
  • Invoke your inner artist and craft a new story by “spinning the wheel” – being both playwright and audience has never been so enjoyable!
  • The detailing is superb with a combination of mechanics and Persian design – one glance at its intricacy speaks volumes about the construction.
  • Since the parts and are available in the form of precisely cutout shapes using an advanced laser cut method, they don’t require glue and are convenient and easy to assemble.
  • Components are manufactured using high quality plywood, which makes them immune to rust or corrosion, thus improving longevity.
  • It is a versatile model that is suitable for both adults and kids. In fact, you can buy one and turn it into a group activity with your kids – it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to bond with children.

Mini-theatre where you can unleash creativity and explore storytelling in an awe-inspiring manner – this is a model kit to treasure and flaunt to others as well.

Don’t hesitate to display it with pride in your living room.


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