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Estimated time of assembly : 1-2 hours

Dimensions of the model: 5.8*2.8*6.7 IN (14.7*7*17 CM)

Package size: 14.6*5.5*1.2 IN (37*14*3 CM)

Number of components: 48

Model's Barcode: 4820184120150


Model's SKU Code: 70005

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 + Years

Ugears Dynamometer Assembly Instructions Guide      

Ugears Dynamometer – Product Description Download      

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UGears 3-D Mechanical Puzzle Dynamometer Self Assemble Engineering Toys

Ugears Dynamometer Model’s Key Features

  • UGEARS DYNAMOMETER MODEL – mechanical 3D Puzzle which impresses with its originality. Dynamometer model is not just a wooden craft, it’s a whole moving mechanism, and also an excellent decor element.
  • BEGINNER KIT – the simplest model for your first craft, do not be afraid to get confused in so many details, our step-by-step instruction will help you to do everything right!
  • FULL SET – it’s a self-assembly model kit and everything you need comes in the package, you don’t need any additional materials – no glue, hacksaw or batteries required. So you can immediately start working!
  • UNIQUE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – an unusual puzzle with a natural material – high-quality plywood, which was not treated with chemical harmful substances and is absolutely safe for children.
  • NICE GIFT – our UGEARS dynamometer is a perfect gift for lovers of handicrafts or for those wishing to have fun with their kids and do something special with their own hands.

Ugears Dynamometer Model’s Description

If you have trouble deciding what to do with your day then the dynamometer is just the machine for you. Similar to our Pneumatic Engine, this model operates by turning air pressure into motion. The difference is that this model will give direction to your otherwise aimless day. Blow on the top gear to set the mechanism in motion. The air pressure you apply spins the arrow until it lands on your task for the day. Now get to it!

The Dynamometer is one of the simplest UGEARS models but at the same time it demonstrates several basic principles of mechanics, including the cascade of gears and the mechanical junction known as the Geneva drive. The Geneva Drive is a popular device in the world of mechanics, and was originally used to manufacture clocks. One of its slots would be blanked off, so the winder could be turned a certain number times – it prevented springs from being wound too tight.
  • It works using the same principle of a pneumatic engine where you blow into a special socket or create heat via an ordinary air balloon and the heat powers the device. The Dynamometer model is self-propelled and requires no electricity during operation, which also ups the safety factor when children are using it.
  • The Geneva Drive incorporates a playful element in its design – simply blow on the top gear and watch the entire system come set in motion via the air pressure.
  • The arrow points to a funny picture that symbolizes a task or chore that you can complete according to your strength or force applied. It works as per the concept of intermittent motion that is used frequently film projectors to move the film on one frame at a time, then hold it stationary as the bright projector light is shined through it.
  • The quirky images can transform this item into a décor element in your home or at office to add some color to your workstation.


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