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Date Navigator

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Estimated time of assembly : 1 Hour

Model size after Assembly: 4.13*3.9*0.7 IN (10.5*9.8*1.8 CM)

Package size: 7.3*10.8*2 IN (18.5*27.5*5 CM)

Number of components: 21

Model's Barcode: 4820184120655

Model's SKU Code: 70036

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 + Years


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Ugears Wooden Kits 3D Mechanical Puzzle – Date Navigator

Date Navigator is another captivating item in a shiny array of Ugears new models. It will keep track of time for you and will help predict if your birthday falls on a weekend! With its beautiful steampunk planetary mechanism Date Navigator will allow you to peak into the future to find out what day of the week certain date will be.

Everyone faces with the question when planning activities during a week: what day of the week it is going to be. Usually we look at a smartphone or a datebook. Surprise your family, friends and colleagues with an original mechanical calendar-navigator that is also built with your own hands!

The Ugears Date Navigator is an interesting mechanical calendar with a beautiful Steampunk planetary mechanism inside and your daily companion to keep track of your adventure and activities in 2017-2044. It also has a sweet faint scent of wood. Just set the year and month you need and find out what day of the week it is going to be. Never get lost in time again!

The Date Navigator helps to identify the day of the week for any date from 2017 to 2044. It’s assembled without glue like all UGEARS models.


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