Ugears: Extraordinary Mechanical Models For Kids and Grown-Ups

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There is a certain category of toys that dads buy for their kids to play with by themselves. Those are games consoles, remote controlled copters, all sorts of drones, and — mechanical models. The passion to create lives in every person’s heart and can never vanish completely. Today we want to review the most extraordinary Mechanical models kits of recent years, which are either a puzzle or a toy or even an engineering project. Introducing — Ugears.

Ugears: Extraordinary Mechanical Models For Kids and Grown-Ups


A modular mechanical construction kit is not merely a number of pieces that come together in a complete model. Referring to our associative thinking it opens an assembly process as an exciting game. Moreover, Ugears makes sure that the fully assembled model remains entertaining and interesting – unlike, for example, a jigsaw puzzle that loses its gaming component right after being completed. Surely, you can glue it to the base, frame it and put it on the wall to feast your eyes upon… but Ugears has more to offer.

UGEARS is a very unique “hybrid”. First of all, it is insanely exciting to assemble. Furthermore, the completed model turns into a mechanical toy attractive for both children (“Hey! It’s a car!”) and adults (“Wow! Check out this awesome gearing! Wonder what its overall ratio is?”)

Without further ado let us take a closer look at how it works.



Some Example of Ugears Extraordinary Mechanical Models

Mechanical Flower is a tempting gift idea for your beloved one. Elegant petals, pleasant smell of wood, with Ballerina & Tree of Luck for your favorite jewelry inside.

Ugears Mechanical Flower, Love Gift, Unique Gifts
Online Shopping in India – Ugears Mechanical Flower

Let’s Make Real Thing Together

UGEARS models are the original awesome gift and hobby idea for kids and grown-ups of all ages. These beautiful mechanisms are made entirely of wooden materials. The models are self-propelled and require no electricity. It’s eco-friendly and very cool. No glue and special tools are needed for putting the models together. Fully assembled, the models are moving! Also, it’s unforgettable time which you share with your beloved ones making real things together. It’s the exclusive models that can appear in the homes of those who assembled them with their own hands. We put special meaning and ideas in every model. It’s not just constructors but the pieces of art, real mechanisms that bring the beautiful world of mechanics closer and make it more comprehensible.


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