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Thank you for your interest in setting up a Teacher Trainer / Educator account with UGEARS INDIA.

Educator / Trainer will receive some extra benefit / discount off the list price on our all Ugears models / products.

About Ugears : UGEARS has developed a Mechanical Wooden Construction/Puzzle Kits to help people to understand the principles of mechanics through the self-assembly of motion models. Each of UGEARS models carries its own idea and concept & it doesn’t require a glue, battery & power of electricity. It’s a natural, made of high quality ecologically clean plywood. They are producing 50+ models of mechanical (For age 14+) & 20+ models for coloring (For age 5+). Their mission is to give an unforgettable time of working together on things that are popular for all ages. We want to connect the hearts of parents and kids. And as a result – get a revived mechanical marvel.

About Ugears Models : These amazing 3D Self Assembly models are fun to assemble as well as educational. They can also serve as decorative pieces. Although, the kits come with clear step-by-step instruction, they can also be called puzzles as the challenge is always present. Inspired by steam-punk fantasy, the clear view of all the moving components, including gears and pendulums, creates a unique, unforgettable and fascinating look at everyday (and not so everyday) machinery.

How to apply: Fill the form or email to info@ugears.in over proof of educator’s certificate, billing / shipping address, phone / mobile number, and email to set up an account. Once we receive a copy of your Teaching Certificate we will set up your account so that you may order online by logging in to your UGEARS INDIA account. There are no minimum purchase requirements to receive Educator’s discount.

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